DEK NeoHorizon iX

DEK NeoHorizon iX
With its modular design, the latest generation of our powerful screen printers is customizable for any customer-specific or application-specific requirements. Clamping systems, conveyors, tooling, paste management, verification, the new version of theDEK ProFlow ATx print head system – the DE ...Read more

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With its modular design, the latest generation of our powerful screen printers is customizable for any customer-specific or application-specific requirements. Clamping systems, conveyors, tooling, paste managementverification, the new version of theDEK ProFlow ATx print head system – the DEK NeoHorizon can be equipped and/or retrofitted with many powerful and precision-enhancing options. All this flexibility can be controlled easily and comfortably with the leading printer software: DEK Instinctiv™ V9.

Two basic printer configurations are available: The DEK NeoHorizon 03 iX with the DEK HawkEye 750 camera system, semi-automatic stencil load and the IUSC understencil cleaning system features a core cycle time of 8.0 seconds and a machine accuracy of ±20 µm @ 2 Cmk for use in high-mix environments. The DEK NeoHorizon 01 iX with its core cycle time of 6,5 seconds and enhanced machine accuracy of ±15 µm @ 2 Cmk was designed for applications with particularly high demands on quality and throughput, for example for 0201 (metric) components. This configuration is equipped with the high-resolution DEK HawkEye 1700 camera, a fully automatic stencil alignment system, and the high-end DEK Cyclone understencil cleaning system.

Back-to-back: Single-track, dual-track, and back to single-track
The innovative design of the new printer and its especially robust cover make it possible to perform all control and maintenance operations from the front of the machine. As a result, you can now position two DEK NeoHorizons back-to-back for a dual-track solution that’s smart, flexible and future-proof. The two machines can nevertheless be configured and operated independently of each other. And when the dual-track solution is no longer needed, you simply separate the two printers and use them on separate lines again. The perfect combination of flexibility and investment protection.


The new DEK NeoHorizon printers feature:

Modular design: Ready for any task with optimized cost-effectiveness

Retrofittable and scalable: Clamps, conveyors, optical systems, print heads, understencil cleaning – all options are retrofittable so that your DEK NeoHorizon grows with your requirements

Maintenance-friendly: All operations and maintenance can be performed from the front. All components are easily accessible from the side

Fast: Core cycle times as short as 6.5 seconds

Precise: Machine accuracy of up to ±15 µm @ 2 Cmk - ideal for ultra-fine-pitch applications with component sizes down to 0201 (metric)

Efficiently automated: The latest generation of the legendary DEK ProFlow ATx print head system automates and stabilizes your stencil printing process and reduces paste costs

Easy operation: With our DEK Instinctiv software you program, control the printer intuitivly, easily and fast

DEK back-to-back: Highly flexible dual-track solution that allows both printers to be configured individually and separated at any time

Technical data for the DEK NeoHorizon Printer
Standard configuration     DEK NeoHorizon 01iX    /    DEK NeoHorizon 03iX
Machine alignment capability     ± 12.5 μm @ 2.0 Cmk (6 sigma)    /    ± 12.5 μm @ 2.0 Cmk (6 sigma)
Machine alignment accuracy     ± 15 μm @ 2.0 Cmk (± 6 sigma)    /    ± 20 μm @ 2.0 Cmk (± 6 sigma)
Process alignment accuracy     ± 20 μm @ 2.0 Cpk (6 sigma)#    /    ± 25 μm @ 2.0 Cpk (6 sigma)#
Standard cycle time     6.5 seconds + process    /    8 seconds + process
Maximum printing surface     510 mm (X) × 508,5 mm (Y)
User interface     Touchscreen, keyboard and trackball, DEK Instinctiv V9 software
Camera     DEK HawkEye 1700 digital camera with 2-way LED illumination  /   DEK HawkEye 750 digital camera with 2-way LED illumination
Squeegee adjustment     Motorized with squeegee pressure feedback
Stencil loading     Automatic, incl. squeegee drip catcher  /   Semi-automatic,incl. squeegee drip catcher
Stencil alignment     Motorized (actuators); aligned on X- and Y-axis and rotation  /   Motorized (actuators); aligned in X- and Y-axis and rotation
DEK ProFlow     Optional
Understencil Cleaning    DEK Cyclone 300 mm/400 mm/515 mm  /   DEK IUSC 300 mm/400 mm/520 mm
Technical documentation     Printed documents: User manual, installation instructions, circuit diagrams.
Technical instructions and videos that explain all operating steps are preinstalled.
Compressed air supply     5-8 bar at ~5 litres/minute
Power supply     100 Volts to 240 Volts ±10 %. Single phase 50/60 Hz
Weight Approx. 690 kg depending on selected options

* The machine and repeat accuracy check will be conducted using production-typical process variables.  The repeat accuracy rating comprises the printing speed, squeegee operation, table movements and camera movements.


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