FHD TREND Digital Microscope

FHD TREND Digital Microscope
Tagarno - FHD TREND Dijital Mikroskop - 2Tagarno - FHD TREND Dijital Mikroskop -1
Presenting an avant-garde new line of intelligent FULL HD digital microscopes TAGARNO FHD TREND provides you with the ability to effortlessly adapt into the individual all in one tool you need in the blink of an eye. This is the smart investment in your quality, implementing one easily updated and ...Read more

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Presenting an avant-garde new line of intelligent FULL HD digital microscopes TAGARNO FHD TREND provides you with the ability to effortlessly adapt into the individual all in one tool you need in the blink of an eye.

This is the smart investment in your quality, implementing one easily updated and customized digital microscope for manual visual inspection. This enables you to continiously optimize your quality control process - now and in the future.

An agile digital microscope from TAGARNO

This is a brand new way of thinking digital microscopy. A way that allows you to continuously update your digital microscopes with new possibilities as they come along. This enables you to customize the system to always serve as your favorite magnification tool for quality control and analysis by having the ability to add new features and uses to the TAGARNO FHD digital microscope you have invested in. Being able to add a variety of accessories such as lighting, lenses and tables, enables you to further customize the digital microscope to fit your exact needs.
Optical zoom, ultra-high frame rates and 1080p image quality provides you with crystal clear magnified images to use as indisputable documentation material and rapidly share with colleagues and collaborators. Capture and share images directly to the microscope or computer. Quick and easy perform onscreen measurements on live images to create valuable and credible documentation.

Improve your quality control by continuously adding new technology to your microscope
With the new agile system from TAGARNO, you quickly and easily gain access to the latest technology without having to invest in new microscopes all the time - you only have to invest in your preferred selection of add on features to update your current TAGARNO FHD microscope and you are all set! That way, you always have a digital microscope with the most current and relevant features available and you are thereby always able to alter the system to assist you in your quality work.
Obtain excellent image documentation in magnificent quality
With 1080p image quality, 60 frames per second and 30x optical zoom, a digital microscope from TAGARNO provides you with an extremely sharp image to view and document the quality of your magnified objects. The camera provides you with an undistorted image without interference or delay - precisely as the magnified object in real life. Built-in autofocus and the ultrasensitive light sensor guarantee ultra-sharp images with enhanced depth of field in any magnification level.

TAGARNO Measurement Application enables you to perform precise measurements directly from your FHD microscope. You do not need an external computer to do measurements - you can just use our stand alone computer microscopes  
All you need is a mouse connected directly to your microscope and quick installation plus activation of the software and you are good to go! No complicated installation procedures or difficult system requirements, just plug in your memory stick, install and start performing measurements directly from your TAGARNO microscope.
The TAGARNO Measurement Application offers features such as point-to-point, circle, angle and area measurements as well as performing advanced calibrations, lens correction and text and arrow annotations. Learn more about TAGARNO Measurement Application
Create high quality image documentation of items with varying height
Create high quality documentation images easily with the Focus Stacking feature. Create one ultra-sharp image from top to bottom of an object by automatically stacking images at different focus heights on top of each other. No blurred or out of focus areas of the image.
Save images directly to a memory stick for easy documentation work
With the integrated USB 2.0 slot you can store your images directly on any USB Memory Stick and transfer the images to your computer later, making your documentation work quick and easily sharable around the company supply chain.
Effortlessly save and share verification image and video directly from your computer
Integrated USB 3.0 enables you to show and capture uncompressed video on a computer for further editing or distribution to colleagues and business partners with 3rd party software.
Create validation images with an improved depth of field from optical zoom

With FULL HD 30x optical zoom the depth of field is significantly improved and the user has an improved overview at minimum zoom. Monitor without using a computer with a TAGARNO standalone digital microscope Turn the vertical, horizontal or vertical/horizontal OSD ruler on/off to get a ruler displayed in metrics or imperial units on top of your live image on screen, according to preferred measuring units. It is also possible to save an image with graphics from the ruler function.

Technical specifications
Art. no. 850000 | TAGARNO FHD TREND (incl. +4 lens)
Art. no. 850010 | TAGARNO FHD TREND with XY-table (incl. +4 lens)

Zoom     30x optical
Camera resolution      FHD1080p, 1920x1080@ 60/50/30/25Hz
Work height     Min: 50mm/1.97” Max: 312mm/12.28”
Work depth     385mm/15.16”
Autofocus     Yes
Iris / Shutter     Yes
Image capture     USB / PC
Weight     6,8 kg/14.99 lbs
Dimensions     H: 460mm/18.11” W: 325mm/12.80” D: 530mm/20.87”
Power consumption     20W
Laser pointer     Yes


Brand: TagarnoTagarno
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