• Your friendly partner in electronics manufacturing

    Your friendly partner in electronics manufacturing

    All the suppliers you know and you trust are under AssemCorp roof top,
    For everything you are looking for in electronics production, AssemCorp is by your side!


  • As AssemCorp, small and medium size LCD panels / modules, TFT Modules and Touch Panels, antennas, memory cards, active / passive and connector products, etc., which are frequently used in the electronics manufacturing industry. we supply. For more information, please contact our sales team.

  • You can find Machines, Devices and Consumables for Electronics production, SMD Assembly and Soldering, and everything you need for Electronic production and quality control. Machines used in production, soldering iron, test and measurement devices. In addition, consumables, cream solders, protective coating materials, etc.

  • Our department, which is in cooperation with companies operating in the electronics sector, especially in the defense industry, meets the needs of its valuable customers in the best and most reliable way with its producers, each of which has proven itself in its field, and its wide range of products.

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What you can get from AssemCorp

  •   This is one of the main principle we are proud to follow. We inform our customers for the product details and application techniques before they investment.

      We transfer them the knowledge they need and help them to select best machine and supplies for their application.

  •   Service Agreements covers the time to intervention, local + global telephone support, spare parts, periodic maintenance, machine functional and durability test reports and more. All you have to is to determine your contract level. With yearly contracts 24/7 telephone support, hardware and software upgrades are available.

      Routine periodic preventive maintenance obviously covers periodic maintenance, calibrations and adjustments.

      The machines are certified after maintenance job is done. Rutine periodic preventive maintenance programme ensures production quality, output and reliability.

  •   We keep a large stock of solders products, small and medium size wave soldering machines, component cutting and forming machines, manual SMD placement machines, curing ovens, soldering irons and ESD protection materials.

      By any means necessary they are available in our warehouse. Sometimes our customers prefer to import goods directly themselves. In this case, there are no differences in the quality of our services and after sales support at all.

      Türkiye'de şu ana kadar satmış olduğumuz birçok makinenin yedek parçalarını stoklarımızda hazır tutmaktayız. Bu, meydana gelebilecek arızalar karşısında hızlı müdahale imkânı sağlar, makine alan müşterilerimizin yedek parçaya yatırım yaparak ekstra harcama yapmalarına gerek bırakmaz.

  •   We organise academic seminars to the Turkish Electronic Industry every one or two years to follow the latest trends in the technology. Majority of Turkish Electronic Engineers have attended our seminars and received their certificates in return.

      We have presented training services to the engineers and technicians for soldering, screen printing, placement, reflow/curing and inspection techniques, both in house and in the production lines. Beko, Vestel, Profilo Telra, Atmaca, Arcelik, Deka, Basari and Neta are some of the companies who bought training services from us.

      Our aim is to be a partner of our customers and pass them the necessary information, technological developments and services at the right time by fastest and most productive way.

  • Asm Dek
  • Senju
  • Btu International
  • Asm Siplace
  • Universal
  • Nordson Asymtek
  • Koh Young
  • Yxlon
  • 6tl
  • Nutek
  • Electrolube
  • CHT
  • Nordson Select
  • Exelsius
  • Teknek
  • Cepter
  • Hgtech
  • 1ClickSMT
  • Feinmetall
  • Cencorp
  • Nordson Dima
  • Fluke
  • Ebso
  • Elme
  • Assemcorp
  • Invicta
  • Jbc
  • Hakko
  • Qsuperior
  • Tagarno
  • Simco Ion
  • Sono Tek
  • Superdry
  • Nordson Dage
  • Antex
  • Nordson March
  • Scheugenpflug
  • Imada
  • Aaeon
  • Atp
  • Nexio
  • Eic
  • Microtech
  • Simms
  • Seoul
  • Auo
  • Tagore
  • Viper RF
  • Sjm Prewell
  • Sawnics
  • Kvg Quartz Crystal
  • Taitien
  • Transcom
  • Alroy Microwave
  • Phase2 Microwave
  • Aeron

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Product Of The Month

Product Of The Month

Contact Probes


Spring contact probes are used to test printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, connectors and other electronic components. Moreover, they can be used in interfaces and as easily removable electrical connections.

FEINMETALL offers a wide range of contact probe varieties and makes it possible to have the optimal fit for each specific contact-making task. Our proximity to the market and customers, as well as our many years of experience in constructing and producing spring contact probes, form a strong basis for functional, innovative and economical products. Our product development follows our customer´s needs for increasingly finer structures, higher currents, improved contact resistance or higher frequency limits.

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