eXelsius®, leading provider of thermal solutions

eXelsius® is a leading provider of advanced thermal solutions that enhance the yield of electronics assembly. From back-end semiconductor packaging through printed circuit board assembly to organic and printed electronics, we offer not only a wide range of thermal equipments but also lines or sections of lines integrating world-class equipments that we distribute in several territories.

Meeting the needs of various processes

Thermal equipment include ovens for various processes such as reflow soldering, curing and drying applications, wafer bumping and brazing under controlled atmosphere. Other processes that can be integrated in our offer are :

  • Automated Components and Solder Paste Inspection (AOI & SPI),
  • Conformal Coating,
  • Dispensing (Dam & Fill, Underfill…),
  • Board Handling (Conveyors) fitting the above processes.

Unparalleled references & quality of service

With over 2000 ovens installed worldwide and more than 500 customers in Europe, eXelsius® capitalizes on more than 20 years of experience, including the acquisition of Thermatech thermal business in 2003, and continued investment in R&D. eXelsius® offers its customers a unique combination of technological innovation, highly competitive equipments, and an unparalleled commitment to the quality of service.

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