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Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd. was established as a Senju Lead Co., Ltd. in April 1938, and since then has consistently worked on products in the fields related to the electronics and machinery industries, has contributed and contributed to the industry over the years. Always trying to respond quickly to fluctuations in intense climate with enthusiasm trying to maximize quality, we are steadily expanding our business performance with everyone's patronage. As a result, SMIC Group such as International Sales Division, Sprinkler, Industry Analysis, Overseas Subsidiary etc., based on the Solder Division, FA Equipment Division, Bearing Division, has grown to become a company that provides comprehensive bonding technology globally globally It was. We are proactively pursuing global expansion with high quality and creative technology that adapts to your needs with the basic philosophy of "Providing the best products with more creative skills".

In recent years, new social demands such as environmental conservation, resource emphasis, climate change, safety mindset, etc. have been born in a wide range from semiconductors and electronic parts to electrical and electronic equipment, industrial equipment, construction machinery, and automobile industry. We are also building a new innovation that creates comprehensive solutions with a strong awareness of this background. In addition, we will continue to challenge advanced technology which is our founding philosophy, and we will expand and expand our efforts to research and develop / commercialize new fields appropriate for the next generation advanced fields.

We will further strengthen risk management assuming the great earthquake that is expected to occur in the near future, aim to continuously promote CSR activities to fulfill the transparency and accountability in our business activities, and work closely with our customers We will continue our efforts to deepen and promote mutual reliability.

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