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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find here the frequently asked questions (FAQ) in electronics production... The questions are categorized into topics below.

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RoHS (1)

Please see explanations about RoHS.

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Lead-Free Soldering Alloys

Lead-Free Soldering Alloys (2)

Please see all questions concerning Lead-free soldering alloys.

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Rework Stations

Rework Stations (1)

Please see all frequently asked questions about Rework Stations.

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BGA Rework Stations

BGA Rework Stations (3)

Please see below for all questions asked concerning BGA Reworks Stations.

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Solder Paste

Solder Paste (3)

Please find out all fequently asked questions regarding solder paste.

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Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron (1)

Soldering irons, how to use soldering irons, tips and etc... Please see them all below.

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Stencil (4)

Stencil selection, design, cleaning and unders stencil cleaning and etc... Please see below regarding all these.

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Test and Inspection

Test and Inspection (2)

Please see below for test and inspection issues.

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Soldering (8)

What is "Soldering"? ... and many more questions about "Soldering".. Please find out here.

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) (3)

Please see below for frequently asked questions about printed circuit board (PCB).

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Printing Defects

Printing Defects (6)

Please see below answers concerning your printing defects.

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Wave Soldering

Wave Soldering (9)

Please see below to find out more about Wave Soldering.

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Hand Soldering

Hand Soldering (5)

Please see following for frequently asked questions about hand soldering.

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ESD (7)

Please find out more about ESD.

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SMT (1)

What is SMT? You can find all the answers concerning your SMT related questions.

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Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating (10)

Please find out all fequently asked questions regarding Conformal Coating.

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Electronic Terminology

Electronic Terminology (4)

Frequently used Electronic Terminology and their meanings ...

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