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What is "Soldering"? ... and many more questions about "Soldering".. Please find out here.

What is soldering?

Without interfering with the chemical or physical structure, the bonding of same or different metals with each other both electrically and mechanically by using another metal or alloy as the filler or retention.

Only filler material moltens not the metals to be connected. Electronic soldering technology is used for connecting the components to each other or to the pad on the PCB both mechanically and electrically. As in all production, quality; is a chain of interconnected rings. Soldering is one of the most important ring in electronic production. No matter how well the design is, how good the components are selected, the quality of your production depends on the soldering bonding them.[...]


What are the solder alloys?

Generally for leaded alloys tin and lead and for lead free alloys tin, silver and copper. According to the requirement, silver, copper , antimon or cadmium can be added as well.

As of 1 July 2006, according to RoHS directives transition is done both in Japan and EU. In US only in California transition started as of 1 January 2007. 1 June 2009 was the date for Turkey to start obeying RoHS directives.[...]


What is the function of the flux in the soldering?

It is to clean the metal oxide layer on the surface of the solder, to reduce the surface tension and increase the heat transfer.

Flux allows solder to properly form between the pad and the component.
It extends the life of the solder particles.
It generates the correct viscosity and adhesion.
It cleans the surface of pad and components.
It cleans oxide in the solder particles.
Protect surfaces during soldering.[...]


What is Flux?

Flux is the aiding material in soldering. Necessary for soldering, but after soldering no contribution and may even harm as a catalyst material.



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