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TOP 10 reasons why one must choose JBC Rework Stations

1) Low Temperature Soldering :
High-power, integrated heaters, tips and the lowest on the market with thermocouple temperature soldering iron and repair station.

2) Read & Feed :
U extending copper wire is used for this. Thermocouple and heater element is a combination of the two is microprocessor controlled. 140wattlık work with 60 Hz per second with a transformer. Therefore, thermal performance is unbeatable.

3) Starting temperature :
10 to 90 seconds to reach 360°C in a conventional system. Only 2 seconds to reach this temperature Any JBC station.

4) Long-Life End : soldering iron is left is left to stand, the tip temperature is automatically reduced to 200 ° C. Thus, oxidation and corrosion is reduced. Compared with the conventional tip 3-5 times longer it means life. When the temperature is reached immediately taken from the soldering iron stand again.

Note: the tip geometry, temperature setting, solder, flux and vary depending on the wearer but generally between 25,000 and 100,000 solder joints can be created.

5) Change Quick Tip : There is no need for any tools to change the tip. Just place the holder, pull and insert the new tip. Quick tip changes reduce lost time.

6) Ergonomic Design : The JBC lightest available, they are the smallest and most ergonomic soldering iron.

7) Process Control : Take control of your process in your hand! Set temperature limits, read counters, lock the station with a PIN code or key against unwanted use.

8) Intelligent Thermal Control System :
Extend tip life by reducing temperature and energy use. It consumes only 4 watts in sleep mode.

9) Easy Calibration :
JBC technology is microprocessor controlled because there is no need to recalibrate any of the JBC stations. If desired, however, it can be easily done using the soldering tip TI2800 thermometer calibration.

10) High Efficiency : According to JBC soldering station technology with the best performance on the market 80% more efficient. In the following graphs, based on practical tests show this superiority.

The time to reach 350 °C
The graph below shows the performance of heating, competing with JBC soldering.

JBC has fast thermal response irons on the market.

Process for 3 solder joints
The chart below shows the performance of the 3-port row to the same device. Thermal reaction at a temperature of 70° C than competing devices falling due to the weak, JBC also experiencing falling only 30°C. Soldering difference increases even more open.

Result :
Equipment JBC soldering at 350°C can effectively, can rival devices[...]


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