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Stencil selection, design, cleaning and unders stencil cleaning and etc... Please see below regarding all these.

What is the drying time in automatic stencil cleaning?

Fast drying cycles can be reduced so that the entire cleaning cycle is shortened. Alternatively, screens can be left to air dry. Thus, all the cleaning cycle is shortened. Outdoors it is maximum of 15 minutes of drying time. Even a slight air movement on the stencil may shorten outdoor drying cycle.[...]


How to clean and maintain the stencils?

Dont forget!!!
The stencils are easy to break down - Use and store it carefully.
Keep it clean all the time.
Check for damage and stress.
Repair the fiducials when damaged...

In manual cleaning:

  • Use lint-free clothing.
  • Clean both sides at the same time with clothing soaked with solvent. (use gloves!)

Under stencil cleaning:

  • Programme to clean as much as possible!
  • To clean the clogged apertures, use vacuum.
  • After cleaning with a wet clothing, always use a dry one too...


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