6TL’s speciality is simplifying the architecture of test systems, so that the customer’s Total Cost Of Ownership is drastically minimized. The technology that conveys our mission is called FastATE.

FastATE technology is based on using intelligent modules to build test systems. Thanks to this technology, the standardization of the test system comes intrinsically with the integration process, and the result will be a modular, flexible, re-usable and reliable system that will drastically differenciate from former test investments.

6TL is pioneer in applying the modularity concept to the design of Automated Test Equipment for electronics products.

FastATE technology is the core to develop turn-key solutions that are truly modular, scalable and flexible, and thus we help to make the job of both, the test engineers and the budget managers, much easier.

Thanks’s to FastATE, test engineers do not have to address the recurrent tasks of every project: a 6TL module already completes these tasks for them. Each module selected is a high-level block that covers a function of the ATE, and works together with the rest making in the end a real modular and flexible production test solution.

The resulting test solution, will be easily documented and smooth to become the standard for the production, since the standarization is in the genetics of the FastATE technology.

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